Wednesday, 9 February 2011

FJC Day 9 - Alphabet of You

Use adjectives to alphabetise yourself....i.e. A = Angry, B = bold, C = cute etc. Don't feel shy about using good, powerful adjectives or bad ones. This is about acknowledging who you think you are.


  1. Wow, this is going to be fun. ;)

  2. BRILLIANT! I cannot WAIT to try this, and I have been SO stuck this year for journaling/planning.

  3. I have a question on this post. Does this mean use the whole alphabet or do you mean just some of the letters?

    BTW- love this challenge. I don't know how to post any of my journal pictures yet because I am not sure how to use my parents scanner. (I don't have one of my own.)

  4. Shaynie, enjoy :-)

    Rori, I am glad this is getting you out of Journaling rut.

    Mintcoffeegirl - the actual prompt was meant as to use the whole alphabet but REMEMBER this is your journal. You can do WHATEVER you want. These prompts are simply our view - you don't have to follow them to the letter. I believe in journaling being free.

    And as for pictures - you can use digital camera if you have one. Easier than scanning.

  5. My new journals arrived yesterday. I'm definitely using one for this series of prompts. Debating now whether to include some of my journaling adventures on my regular blog or whether to start a whole new blog!

  6. thank you for these prompts. They rock! and thanks for the idea of a digital camera! I never thought of that. It will be much easier to take a picture from camera or phone and upload that way. I normally just take pictures from my phone and upload to facebook first then to save to my computer so I can upload on my journal. That should work too right?

  7. Magpie Sue,

    Enjoy your new journal :-)Post a link here when you post your entries, so I will check them out.

    Mintcoffeegirl, yes if you are able to upload photos on facebook from your phone, then you should be able to upload them on blog or wherever.


    My tenpenorth as my mother would say!!