Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 27 - Obession

No, I don't mean the perfume! Obsession -- even the word sounds beautiful, like it will reel you in and never let you go.

We all obsess from time to time, some of us more than others. Sometimes, we obsess over small problems, but then there other longer term obsessions. Perhaps it's a habit, or a career goal, or a family goal. 

What do you obsess about? Why? Is it because it's so important that you must have it to make your life meaningful? Or is it a force of habit? 

So journal today about obsesion, and see what you discover about yourself. And whether it's healthy or unhealthy obsessions you are nurturing.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

NYC Moleskine

NYC Moleskine

I managed to find perfect NYC stickers while I was in New York to decorate my moleskine. City Moleskines aren't my thing (too many wasted pages), but this certainly made me fall in love with pocket size, since I usually use large.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 26 - Dependence

For last three days we didn't have Internet or phone. Phone wasn't an issue, but Internet was. Initially we assumed it would come back on, when nothing happened for two whole days, we began to get annoyed/antsy. Today was full blown stress and even anger. It made me realise how dependent we are on the Internet. These days, whenever I want some information, my first response - like many people - is to google it. 

I'm sure that if Internet went out of the world somehow, we would all revert back to old days and manage to survive, but while we do have it, and while we do use, dependency increases daily for most people. 

So that got me thinking about dependency on other thing. Or even other people. 

That's today's topic. 

What are you dependent on? Perhaps you don't even realise it - if these are ordinary objects / services that we take for granted. What do you think you can't live without, or would be greatly unhappy living without?

How do you feel about that dependency? Are you okay with that, or will you be taking some steps to change that?