Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 22 - Dare to Dream

Journaling is not just about facing facts of your's about opening your mind and your heart to possibilities. It's about believing in yourself. And if you are generally big on feeling down, it's about believing that good things CAN happen to you.

So today, Dare to Dream. Journal about something you would like to be, or achieve, or see. might be something like travelling to a dream destination, or finding the man/woman of your dreams, having a child, having grandchildren, being famous...anything. Go all out. 



Don't even think about it not being realistic. Don't tell yourself that it probably won't happen. Who cares about reality....this is your time to dream. So go and dream. And have fun! 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 21 - Right Now

Today's journaling prompt is all about focusing on right now. Right this minute. (well, as soon as you read this, and open your journal). 

Open your journal...write the date, the day, and what time it is 
Then start writing, what's on your mind.

What are you thinking about? What's your state of mind? Are you happy? Sad? Worried? Normal?

What's driving you? Focus on the moment. Focus inwards. Pay attention to your thoughts, and write them down, as quickly as possible. 

The purpose of this prompt is to learn to pay attention to the moment, as well as to later evaluate what's taking your energy. Are you worried about stuff that has nothing to do with your present life? Are you focusing on the right thing at the right time? Are your energies divided unequally? Pay attention. Assess. Journal. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 20 - Recharge

Oh boy, it's been a while since I posted here. Sorry about that. I was having 2 weeks of real vacation for a change. 10 days holiday/family visit in New Jersey / New York, and then rest of the week off at home with my husband. Hardly any work. No looking at to-do list. It's been refreshing and relaxing. 

So that's our prompt for today - Recharging Batteries

How do you recharge yours? Do you at all? Do you know when you need to? I will admit, I rarely give myself time off. Sure I have time off from my day-job, but not from my home-job as a writer + mental stress out telling me to push myself to do this and that. Sometimes, I know I need to take a break, and so I take a day or a weekend off. But I am not good at taking the time to recharge my batteries. At least not without guilt for "wasting time." 

How do you feel? Are you okay to just sit down, do nothing, or watch TV? Or do you suffer with guilt? Journal about this. See whether you are taking care of your self, giving your mind and body time to charge and energize, or are you pushing yourself too much?