Thursday, 24 June 2010

Journal Writing Your Way

Over the years I have regularly explored different techniques for Journaling, and in the process have learned a lot. Sometimes, other people's journals inspire me; sometimes, a book on journaling becomes a great source of ideas. But what I continually notice is that despite best intentions to try include more visual methods (sketches, pictures, doodles), I inevitably go back to words. Not just any form of words - neat, paragraphed words. Sometimes there are lists too - and yes you bet, they are either bulletted or numbered.

It frustrates me at times because this one side of me wants me journal to be full of different things; I want spontaneous drawings in there and random doodling. But when I think about it carefully, it tells me that I am only journaling my natural way. I don't sit down every day, open my journal, and try to decide what method I should use. For the most part, I open the journal and I start writing.

When I am consciously trying a new technique then I would sit down and do just that, but every day journaling has to be spontaneous. It is not an assignment or a chore - it has to come from heart, not obligation. So however much I have tried to move on to other things, my natural method sticks with me. And though sometimes I rebel against its "sameness" - I like having my natural way.

What's your natural way to journal? What does your instinct push you towards?

I must point out that you should not confuse Fear of Trying with Natural Way. If you are doing the same thing again and again because you are afraid of exploring other avenues, then it's a problem. But once you have tried various things, and find one that suits you, that is you Natural way.

So share your journaling techniques, rituals, methods, or just madness....

Monday, 21 June 2010

Missing Moleskine

I love my current journal. I really do. But while I was flipping through my writing journal (moleskine), looking at its well-worn look, with salad stain on the front cover (when my husband knocked over the cheesy pasta salad tub), I sort of miss having it for my regular journal.

My current every-day journal is a fancy one. So I only use it at home. It won't handle mistreatment of commuting much, so I am careful with it. Sometimes I like that. But at other times, I want to be able to carry my journal around with me, just for random jottings or just to filp through it when I have a moment, and moleskine is the best thing I have found for that.