Monday, 21 June 2010

Missing Moleskine

I love my current journal. I really do. But while I was flipping through my writing journal (moleskine), looking at its well-worn look, with salad stain on the front cover (when my husband knocked over the cheesy pasta salad tub), I sort of miss having it for my regular journal.

My current every-day journal is a fancy one. So I only use it at home. It won't handle mistreatment of commuting much, so I am careful with it. Sometimes I like that. But at other times, I want to be able to carry my journal around with me, just for random jottings or just to filp through it when I have a moment, and moleskine is the best thing I have found for that.


  1. What size Mole do you use?
    I find the small pocket size nice but I need to learn to write smaller. Anything bigger and I won't want to carry it with me all the time.
    Your thoughts?

  2. Gregorym,

    I use large. Pocket is too small for me, and even large are smaller and lighter than journals I usually use so I find it handy to carry around. Generally I use plain large, plain ruled or sketchbook. I like sketchbook especially for things like travel journal because pages are thick so I am able to use nice, dark pens and also gluing photos etc. works well on them.