Sunday, 22 April 2012

We Have Moved! - Come and Visit Us

In the words of Warner Brothers, "That's All Folks"

This is the end of Journal Addict - but it's not The End. 

We are now officially live at Kaizen Journaling. Many of you have already joined us there, and I'm thrilled to have you there. 

I hope to see more of you. It's been a great journey here, and I hope to now continue that journal even more intensely, with a lot more journaling experiences and experiments, and let it evolve further for both me and my readers. 

Thank you again, for all your support, feedback and time here. 

Please come and say hi at Kaizen Journaling.

Lots of Love,

Monday, 9 April 2012

We are moving

Only 7 days until Kaizen Journaling goes live officially. This blog will no longer be updated with any current material, but I hope to see you in my new home, where you will be able to find some excellent goodies from day one :-) 

Check out the page, and subscribe to get the launch announcement. 

I want to thank all of  you again for being my readers, for your support and stories over the last few years. Without you, Kaizen Journaling wouldn't have been born.