Saturday, 17 April 2010

Filofax - Organising Old-Fashioned Way

Going the old-fashioned way. Got my first Filofax, a personal Metropol chocolate - now christened Cocoa - and love it. I have never felt so efficiently organised in my life. And I can make my endless lists in one place. I have managed to organise it efficiently enough to incorporate all important areas of my life, including writing projects. I don't think I will be browsing for PDAs ever again.

Adding some cute stationary for personal touches

Cocoa looks much better in person, than my poorly taken picture

At least getting rid of few store cards makes my wallet a little lighter. Sometimes, I can even close it.

More cute stationary.


  1. Welcome to the old-fashioned-Filofax-User-Club! *smiles*
    Have fun with organizing yourself and tell me about your progresses! :-)

  2. LOL - That is *exactly* what I used before I switched to my PDA. Well, different colors and stationary, but the same, nonetheless. I loved it, I just got tired of dragging it around. But if I ever go back to paper, I'll be right there with ya. ;-)


  3. I'm looking to move back to paper too, but those rings drive me nuts when trying to write on the left side of the notebook!

  4. Jamie,

    I usually drag around books, notepads all over anyway, so this makes no odds. It actually saves me having to drag notepad around because I have got space for notes. Besides, not having to transfer files, is totally worth the wait for me, since I am so disorganised about that.

    Note Booker,
    Sometimes, if I am writing more than a few lines, it annoys me too, but I just take the page out, write, and file it back. I think it's a small inconvinience for the flexibility of having everything in one place.

  5. That's cute. I use regular agendas and padfolios, but the color and style are important to me.

  6. I used to love these as a teenager. Maybe I should go and invest in buying a new one and decorating it to make it feel more like my own.

  7. Temaria,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on several posts :-) I am glad you enjoyed the entries.

  8. Hey I love the hello kitty paper, where did you get it? i would love to have some in my Cuban Filofax :)

    Thanks Imogen

  9. You need to check out this web site - It's made for folks who reject PDAs and prefer the paper method. Lots of templates you might like


  10. I love how you gave it a name; the sort of thing I do as well!!!