Friday, 9 April 2010

My Current Journals

Since I always go on about Journaling and how wonderful it is, I thought I would share my journals with you.

Yes, I use them all at the same time. So what are they for?

From left to right...

1. Tarot/Oracle Journal - I use it periodically, whenever I go through a phase of doing Tarot or Oracle readings. I use them either as prompts or as a psychological tools for exploring my jumbled thoughts. It's a quality spiral bound notebook, with nice thick pages, so fountain pens work especially well. 

2. Writing Journal - It's a large, ruled moleskine. I use this fairly regularly, but not based on any schedule. In this I write any new ideas, new things or ideas about current WIPS, new techniques or something that I might like to experiment with, any writing epiphany, character details - anything and everything that is related to writing.

3. Self-Improvement Journal - It's a large, moleskine sketchbook. I started this as an experiment to cure bad habits, and for a while wrote in it every day for stuff I was focusing on, including goals, tasks. Now, I don't use it every day (so bad habits won), but I still use it for ongoing things that I am working on.

4. Dream Journal - "Nightmare Before Christmas" spiral bound notebook. I wandered into Disney shop once, and this was on sale, and I thought it was perfect for a Dream Journal :-). I use this to write down any dreams I remember. Like Tarot this also goes through phases, because I have noticed that I remember dreams easily if I make the effort to remember them, and plan to write them down.

5. Personal Journal - handmade parchment style pages. This is my regular journal, which I use almost daily. I hate missing days. This one gets everything - personal stuff, writing stuff and any other stuff that comes up. This particular journal is getting a lot of attention because i started it on March 18, and now I am on Page 60. It will be finished in April. And then I have got other new gorgeous journals waiting :-))

So there you go - my journal obsession laid out - and I love them. 


  1. I've always been envious of those who were committed to their journal or in your case journals. I started writing in my first diary when I was 8. From that moment on I started and stopped, but could never sustain it. For me, the poor things always get passion and dedicated attention for about a week or so, before falling by the wayside. Kudos to you for having the Journal Bug and sticking with it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

    Yes, the journal bug has been going on strong for 8 years now, and only getting stronger. Can't imagine abandoning my journals.

  3. >>Quote<< "I love looking at pics of stuff like that because these are such wonderful, personal things." >>End-Quote<<

    I couldn't have used any better words than you already had! :-) Oh, by the way: Have you noticed that obviously both of us made our journal pictures on your desks?!?

  4. Nofretiri :-)) I have been meaning to do this post for ages, but your pic inspired me to get on with it.

    That keyboard area is the only empty space I could since all my other tables are covered with books :P

    Oh and I forgot to tell you, drawings in your journal are fabulous, because I managed to have a closer look at them.

  5. I almost cried seeing your personal journal. It looked so beutiful. I am in love with Elephants and have been searching for a jounral that would suit me well in the theme of Elephants.