Friday, 10 September 2010

Journal Writing Prompt 11 - Solitude or Loneliness

I know people who can stay alone in their home for weeks on end, and I know people who get antsy and depressed if they have to spend one day alone. How do you feel about being alone?

Would you remain alone by choice? Do you feel lonely or do you welcome the solitude? Are you bored, restless or do you find comfort in the silence and in your thoughts? What would your day be like? Do you skip a meal because you don't want to eat alone, or call a friend or find social contact on the internet? What do you do? How much time do you spend in your own company? How much of it is by choice?

Ponder over this today. When we rely on other people for company, entertainment, happiness, we are giving them the control of making us happy. When we can find happiness and peace within ourselves, we are in control. Who has the reigns of your happiness?


  1. I like my time alone. But I also enjoy the company of my close family, friends, and of course my fiance, Adam.

  2. I love my time alone, but for a few days not a few weeks.

  3. I enjoy my time alone but then I need and enjoy the company of family and friends too.I believe that we need to have both kinds of time in our lives.

  4. The idea that we don't need other people is a myth. "No man is an island." It's good to have some thoughtful solitude, and it's good to be able to endure time alone without despair. But in my opinion, one who believes he can indefinitely maintain happiness and fulfillment in the face of indefinite isolation is deluding himself and suppressing his humanity, denying the image in which God created him. No one is an end unto himself.