Friday, 3 September 2010

Journal Writing Prompt 9 - Dream Your Own Dream

Today's prompt is about dreams. Not the dreams you have in your sleep. We are talking about dreams you dream with eyes wide awake. For some of us, dreams are right there on the surface. Constantly prodding us to get a move on and make them come true. For some of you, they might be deep beneath the surface, pushed there by years of very practical advice that the world teaches you like "get your head out of the clouds" "be sensible" "be practical" "that's not going to put food on the table" "be responsible" - and many more variations of it, which I am sure you have heard before.

Whatever the status of your dreams, they are there. Believe me. You just need to greet them like an old friend, believe in them, and they will unfurl their wings.

Open your journal and write about your dreams. What dreams did you have as a child? Did you want to be a superhero, a cop, a fireman? What were your dreams as a teenager? A date with the hottest girl/guy in school? What are your dreams as an adult? House, kids, vacations or a loner's life in a forest? Whatever your dreams, embrace them. Until you ackowledge them, you can't possibly make them come true. And once you acknowledge them, well...the world is your oyster.


  1. I posted this here rather than in your older posts so you would see it. I need some help. I have yet to start a journal and I can't seem to get going. Why do I want to write? I am 51 and fear that all the information I have about my past and my families past will be lost when I die. Nothing is written down. Not what my granmdparents did in Europe before they came here, not what my life was like as a younger man, nothing is wriiten. My father and I discussed that information all my life and up until he pasted away 3 years ago.
    So how do I start?
    What do I start with?
    Can it be just random thoughts and information?
    Please help, I value your opinion.

  2. PA3789,

    First, congratulations that you want to do it. I believe each of our lives are worth recording, because no one else has lived exactly like us.

    Where to start...
    First you need to decide what you want your journal to be. Based on your comment, these two
    1. Recording of your family memoir (what's happened already, to you and to other members of family)

    2. Your journal (what's going on today in your life + ongoing recording of family memories)

    I would personally recommend number 2, as you don't want your life, as it is now to slip away without mention.

    Start a journal, and in the beginning start with whatever you feel like writing. Another thing you can do is perhaps assign yourself regular time (depending on your schedule) to sit down and write about the past. Pick time when you will have peace and quiet, try using old photographs, letters etc. to jog your memories.

    Use journal prompts from this blog and other places.

    Try to make it a journal and a diary, so you record what's going on (facts) but also your feelings and impressions of these events.

    I hope this little bit of advice helps you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to drop a comment.

    Wish you all the luck.