Thursday, 27 May 2010

When Life Gets In The Way

For last few weeks, my journal has been quite neglected. It's not abandoned, as I still manage to jot down bits now and again, but I haven't done "proper" journaling. It's funny, because I always notice it now when I am not spending enough time with my journal. Sometimes I think I haven't written for ages, and when I open the journal I find it's been two days.

But I also feel that I have to be in the right mood to journal. Currently, I am so bogged down with other tasks I want to complete. Learning Spanish and Editing my book are the main priorities and it's bad enough keeping up with them, along with everything else that must be done. And a part of me wants to write all the details of this in my journal. I want to record it all - ups and downs. But then I find that I am so busy doing it that I don't have time or energy to write it. 

Not a good feeling. So I believe some regular journaling time - at least every weekend - will have to be scheduled. Eventually I get back into journaling groove when nothing stops me from scribbling, but on downtimes like this, one must not neglect the journal. At least not for too long.


  1. Sorry to hear that - I hope things slow down for you soon...

    I haven't been journalling lately either - must get back to doing that soon. Better put it back on the goals list this week...

  2. Jamie,

    My business is self-inflicted. Throwing Spanish in with already going schedule of editing/writing kind of creates a time shortage, but putting journaling on goals list is definitely a good idea. I used to that and it worked. What I need to do is to spend some quality time on it. Let's see if I can manage it this weekend :-)

    And YAY for your journaling!!

  3. I blog on the weekends. It's time-consuming, but I don't feel overwhelmed by it.

    I hope you get some down time soon so you can relax a bit.