Monday, 10 May 2010

Journal Writing Prompt 7

Do you have many projects on the go? Working on too many things, and hardly any time to finish things? Whether it's a project for work, for home, or for personal life - this journal exercise should help you.

Open your journal, keep the pen at ready. Close your eyes. Think about everything you have to do. Do you see those endless "to-do" lists in your mind's eye? Pressing deadlines, things left unfinished, projects abandoned. Let those thoughts flow.

Focus on those projects, on that endless list - and from that list, pick out things you can do right now. Start writing. Don't stop to think. Just write.

Write a project - use abbreviations where possible, the faster you writer, the more chance for your fresh thoughts to get out.

For example, one of your project is to repaint the house. So you can write:

Paint - buy paint-brushes

Then you have something for work:
Marketing - Contact Marketing Company

For your personal project:
Book - Edit next page

Only write things that you are able to do straight away. I.e. - if you can't buy the paint brushes because you don't have the money, don't write it. ONLY THE THINGS YOU ARE CAPABLE (MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, FINANCIALLY) OF DOING NOW.

Write for as long as you can, until you can think of nothing else. Don't worry about repetitions. Once you are finished, go have a cup of coffee (oh all right, tea if you must), take a break, and then look at that entry. Now, using that make a cleaner list - this is where you get rid of repetitions.

Once you have the clean list, use that as your master list. That's all you need to worry about now. Forget about everything else, all the other steps that you can't do until first step is done. Finish the jobs on this list. Divide tasks based on the time you have. Don't even look at another list. Cross of everything you finish.

If you have major projects, make a seperate list for each project. But only write one step at a time. Only when you cross of that first step, you write the next step, so at any given time, you only add the things you are ABLE to do, and do not add the next bit, until you do the first thing. Don't worry about the bigger picture. Most reasonable people are able to keep the bigger picture in their mind. You are not going to forget about the project, just because you are doing the one step. If you look at it step at a time, it becomes much less daunting.

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