Friday, 4 February 2011

FJC Day 4 - Places You Would Love to Visit

Prompt for Day 4: Places You Would Love To Visit. Remember, there are no limits, and certainly no limits to imagination. Think of the places you would love to see, real or imagined. Stretch your boundaries, and the world will open itself to you.


  1. I've never thought of fictional places (or people) ... your imagination seems to be more versatile than mine! *g* Maybe I should make two additional pages for those two prompts! ;-)

  2. Rowland,

    Thanks :-) Another cool entry.


    That's the beauty of these prompts. So much we can do with them :-)

  3. At first I saw this prompt and thought...hmmm, well that's easy! I've always wanted to go to Russia!

    But I read it again, and I saw "imagined"...writing about fictional places (such as books I have read) should be extremely fun! Thank you for the prompt! :D