Sunday, 20 February 2011

FJC Day 20 - Passion

PASSION! I love this word. Say it out loud, and even just saying it makes you feel passionate. So write about passion today.


  1. Oh Dolly, I love this prompt. I am passionate about journaling. I have said this for years. I just contacted our local library to sign up or put together a journaling class/club/group. I found that believe it or not the library is too loud to sit down and journal. Kids, computers and being quiet.. just not the right mix. Anyway I journal every Tuesday at the coffee shop near my house. I also journal in my traveling journal that I share with a friend, we mail it back and forth. Then I have my own journaling time after the kids go to bed or if I am not gardening or cooking or blogging, I try to do some bible study and journaling during the day.

    Passion of writing is needing to write even if you don't know what you might even write about. YOu just pick up your very favorite pens, your journal and you start. If you dont journal for awhile your soul begins to cry out and the need is overwhelming. That is my definition of writing passionately. Sorry this is so long, I am a writer, what else can I say.
    Amy In Florida


    Hobby?!? NO it's a passion . . .

  3. Amy,

    Long comments are in fact they are wonderful :-) Shows your passion! That's great that you devote regular time to your journaling. It's definitely rewarding. I've often thought about starting a journaling group or something, but haven't done that yet, because I have never done any groups or anything so not sure how to go about it, and just feels weird asking strangers to come and journal. :P