Tuesday, 1 February 2011

FJC Day 1 - Balance

Welcome to the February Journaling Challenge. If you didn't see the earlier post, click here to see what this is all about. My friend and this Journaling Challenge partner, Karin, has designed images for each prompts. Check out her entries here. 

Each day I will post a prompt that we will be using for the day, and feel free to do absolutely anything you want with it: draw, write, doodle, paint. If you want to share your entries on your blogs, leave a link in the comment section, or if you would like me to post them on my blog, I will be happy to include them in guest slots. You can contact me at lostwanderer5 [at] gmail [dot] com. 

So without further ado, the prompt for  today: 


  1. This was a great idea. Today I did the first challenge on balance. I had so much fun and even got a little philosophical. I posted my page with the journal junk group on flickr and discussed my process on my own blog http://thestilettonerd.blogspot.com/. Thanks again for the inspiration I'm looking forward to tomorrow's challenge -The Stiletto Nerd

  2. Great idea! And good first word as this is my word of the year- achieving BALANCE between work and play:) The play part is something I am terrible at lately!

  3. The Stiletto Nerd,

    Love your entry :-) Very creative.


    Hope you enjoy the entry. Yes, Balance is certainly "to do" on most people's list. It's just so hard isn't it, unless one happens to be super disciplined? But we shall all carry on nonetheless :-)

  4. Thanks Dolly! Day Two's challenge is also fabulous. I love this. It makes me think outside the box!- The Stiletto Nerd