Saturday, 22 January 2011

Moleskine Pen Test - Results

About two months ago, I did a post on testing several pens for Plain Moleskine. Having used them now, here is my result. 

Uniball Signo 207, 0.7
It was okay on Moleskine, but it actually turned out to be absolutely perfect for my Travel Journal. So I stopped using it in Moleskine. 0.7 nib works better on thicker pages. 

Pilot G-Tec - C4
Definitely better suited to drawing. Too fine for continuous and speedy writing. It's not bad, but it just doesn't flow as smoothly as I would like. As most of what I do is write, I won't be buying any more of these.

Pilot G2-0.38
Good pen, but again, bit too fine for my purpose. This is the one I am currently using, and I am almost out of the ink. But even after the usage, it's not completely smooth flowing. 

Pilot G2-0.5
PERFECT. I love it. This is definitely THE PEN for Plain Moleskines. I believe it so much that I have bought packs of 12 refills for my Black and Blue pens. I know someone mentioned in the comments in the Test post that after some usage the ink will flow smooth (I had complained that it wasn't), and they were right. After I used it for a bit, it was perfect. Easy to hold, fast to write, flows on the page, and doesn't mess up handwriting. I can see now why everyone always associates this pen with moleskines.

Pilot G2-0.7
Okay, but same principle as Uniball Signo. 0.7 is slightly too thick for thin pages of Plain Moleskines. It's usable, but it's better suited to thicker pages of other journals. 


  1. Do you believe in writing with pens instead of pencils?
    I heard that pencil lead doesn't fade, but pen ink will. I have no idea though. Have any of your old journals started to fade?

  2. Hi Laura,

    No none of my old journals have started to fade. No I wouldn't write with pencils. For one thing, I am not used to them, and they already feel very light. I love pens, and pencil is very much a reminder of primary school when we weren't allowed to use pens, and just pencils.

  3. Just out of curiosity, were there any factors besides the thickness of the tip for the Uniball Signo that made you not decide to use it on the Moleskine?

  4. Min Ye,

    Actually Uniball Signo worked fine on Moleskine. But at the time, I had this different Travel Journal, and Uniball pen was PERFECT for that, that's why I stopped using it in Moleskine.

  5. Gel inks should not fade at all. Uni-ball Super Ink is pigmented, which means the pigments soak into the paper and should (in theory) last as long as the paper does. They're advertised as "fade and water resistant"

    Ballpoint ink shouldn't fade either, actually. At least not for a while. I have old notebooks (18 years or so) and they were written in cheap ballpoint ink (probably a Bic or Papermate) and they still look great.

    As always, YMMV

  6. The new Sharpie Pens (found some in WHSmith) are also totally worth the money!