Monday, 3 January 2011

Journaling Goals for 2011

It wouldn't do not to have some new goals for this year's journaling, so here it is: 

In 2011, my main goal is to Carry My Journal Everywhere. 

I have tried it in the past, but except for Travel Journals, never been consistent because I was always worried about ruining my journals, carrying them along with all the other crap that seems to accumulate in my handbags. But I found a solution. While on holiday in Tenerife, I found some pretty pouches, one of which is a perfect fit for my moleskine, so even in the oversized handbag with half my household inside, my journal will be protected. 

A part of me does wonder if there is any point in carrying it around, since most of my day is scheduled (i.e. at work), so I wouldn't actually get a chance to write, but then I think even if it happens only now and again, some odd moments of journaling, it's bound to add bit more depth and characters to my journals than simply doing it at home. 

What about  you? Do you carry your personal journal around with you? Do you have any particular Journal Keeping goals for 2011? 


  1. I always carry my journal (moleskine, too) with me. I jot down ideas, quotes, lists....i keep sports scores and tape in schedules and family related activities. When at home it always sits on my table. I turn notes into art pages, scores into scrap pages. I recently lost my mother, when I get an urge to call her or want to talk to her I write her in my journal. My journal documents me life. My goal is to do more art journaling in it.

  2. I keep my Moleskine in my purse at all times. However, this has had its drawbacks as I inadvertently turned it into more of a book for class notes during the semester, as opposed to what it had originated as--my journal. My goal for 2011 is to turn it back into a journal, and to write every day without fail. It is a big challenge for me as I tend to be perfectionistic in my writing, but I believe that I can and will do it.

    Thank you for this blog. I intend to weed back through it and pick prompts and such for inspiration. Happy journaling to all! :)

  3. Moleskine=permanent companion

    I would feel lost without mine, so it goes everywhere with me. Obviously you need to use a journal that is essentially transportable. AND if you like to draw and write the whole 'rig' has to be portable: I'm currently using a Quiver pen holder which takes two pens/pencils and sits on the Moleskine itself.

    And there's always time to scribble.. sometimes if I'm trying to write ... I scribble the ideas down in pencil, and then edit it by writing over it in ink. I then partially erase the pencil -enough so you can read the ink - - but leaving the early tentative steps....

  4. You don't want to post a picture of your found pouch and your journal, do you?

    It's funny ... one of the instructions of my "Wreck This Journal" is to carry the book with you everywhere you go! *g* That's what I quite regularly do. Otherwise I only keep a dream diary, which is safely placed in a drawer at home.

  5. rowland,

    when I am carrying it around, I sometimes find time in the bus, but unfortunately, I work in an open office, and sit right next to the MD's office, so not many opportunities for journaling :P

    But it's good to be carrying it around anyway.

  6. Nofretiri,

    I did think about posting the picture with the post but I was too lazy :P - but I will try and get a picture up soon.

  7. I always carry my journal around with me. Whenever I have time I work in it. I sketch, I write thoughts, I doodle. I didn't used to carry it around with me. I think carrying it around with me started maybe? Has it only been that long? 9 years? I think I'd feel lost without it now.

  8. Though I don't always get chance to use it outside, I am certainly enjoying it. And now and again, I manage to write something on the bus.

  9. I always carry my journal with me, too; luckily, my current one (large Moleskine!) still fits my Healthy Back Bag - and that's a small!

    I not only use it as a journal, but also to take notes about appointments, websites I want to visit, books I want to read, music I want to listen to etc etc.
    It really feels like a good friend, a companion, and I feel terrible when I realize I've forgotten it (which happens maybe once or twice a year); if I have time, I'll even go back home to pick it up.