Friday, 28 January 2011

Does Handwriting Matter?

Remembrance Sunday

Journaling on actual, paper journals is a very tactile experience. It's a concentration of and connection to whole of your being in that one process, where you transfer your emotions and thoughts from your heart and brain to a piece of paper. So does it matter what the end result looks like? How is the handwriting in your journals? Are you pouring the words out as fast as possible, regardless of its legibility or are you careful, slow writer who thinks before writing? Or are you naturally speedy and organised? Do you try to change your handwriting? Does it change by itself depending on what you write? Do you care about the prettiness of your script or tidiness?

For me, legibility is definitely important. If I can't read my own writing, it seems a waste of time to have written it in the first place. I naturally write tidy so it's okay, and fortunately I can write almost as tidily while on the bus or train etc. There are times when my handwriting goes rubbish - but it's usually if I have to stop writing for some reason (like get off the bus) and want to finish the sentence, or if I am writing about some strong emotional issue and really want to get the feelings out as soon as possible. I would love to do old fashioned calligraphy, but I have no idea how to do that, so I stick to normal handwriting.

What about you? Share your views on handwriting.


  1. I have a couple of different handwriting is sort of English-block letter and the other is closer to the Palmer Method (I believe I just aged myself). My handwriting is generally very good, but I find that if I am less concerned about how my writing looks, I write more freely. It is all just wouldn't get me high marks for penmanship.

  2. Even if I wished my handwriting would look a bit more elegant, in general I'm okay with it. I belong to that category of writers, who think before writing - I want my sentenses as perfect as they could and also the writing itself should have a neat look. I also have a "2nd style", more cursive, more excessively ... for special reports or letters.

  3. I have struggled with messy handwriting my whole life. :( Recently, as I have been journaling a LOT, I have made an attempt to make it neat. There are some journal entries I can't even read! :D So as of late, my handwriting has been pretty neat. I hope I can keep it that way.

  4. Anonymous,

    I had to look up what Palmer Method was, as never heard of it before. :-) However, I am sure I wouldn't have appreciated it as according to Wikipedia, "Left-handers were usually made to use their right hands."

  5. Karin,

    It's interesting you have two different styles. I don't believe I have different styles. I write in same manner for everything. Though of course sometimes with less care than usual.

  6. Shaynie,

    Congratulations on A LOT of journaling :-) And good job with legible handwriting. I'm sure it would stress you out less in the future when you try to re-read them.

  7. I for the most part have neat handwriting that is a combo of printing and cursive writing. I do find though that when I'm writing something that is bothering me and I'm really emotional about it. My writing certainly changes. It becomes inconsistent...It's kind of neat, it's kind of like having your very own font style naturally..:)

  8. I'm interested in this discussion because I'm passionate about encouraging people to write more, whether journaling or note and letter writing. I've started a Facebook group called "Revive the are of personal note writing!" I'd be glad to have you join us and introduce yourself and your blog to the group members.


  9. Elizabeth,

    I agree completely about encouraging people to write more. That's something I do wherever possible, and hope to find in future more opportunities for it.

    I will look up your group on the Facebook.

    Thanks for visiting.

  10. I have just come across your blog via Journaling Saves! Had to respond to this post because I find myself frustrated with my handwriting at times. I write cursive when I journal; legibility varies much as you've described. I've been known to scribble holes in the paper when frustration becomes overwhelming. The worst of it is when my body is unable to cooperate due to hormone imbalances or toxic exposures.

    I do believe I'm going to have to participate in the February prompts...