Sunday, 14 August 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 25 - Curiosity

Today's prompt is Curiosity. 

Curiosity of mind. Curiosity of heart. Curiosity of life. Do you have it? Do you yearn for new knowledge, new experiences? If so, are you getting them? Journal about them.

Or are you comfortable just staying as you are now, with what you have, and not keen to get out of your comfort zone? Journal about why that might be.

Each of this topic has two sides - positive and negative. See how it affects you. Journal freely...don't worry about labels and headings and breaks. Just write: Curiosity, and then free write and see where your words take you.


  1. I like the topic you chose :)

    Of course, it is also my downfall.

    There is the joke that my first word wasn't mama or dada.

    It was "why?". Of course, my second words were "why not?".

    Your post reminded me that curiosity is okay, even if it makes some people uncomfortable.

  2. Absolutely. The general principle I work on is that if someone doesn't want to answer my question because it makes THEM uncomfortable, then they have a right not to answer. But I have a right to ask. So I do.