Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dr. Who Moleskine 2.0

I decorated my last moleskine with Dr. Who stickers. That's well-worn now, and full of course, so while I am using Jane Austen journal for a bit of a change, I spent some time decorating my next moleskine. Dr. Who theme again :-) So that's Dr. Who Moleskine 2. Totally Love It!! This is going to be my next personal journal, and I can't wait to use it. 


  1. Cool idea. So far I've only decorated the inside of notebooks.

  2. You're lucky to be able to have ready acess to Dr. Who stickers! At least, I assume you can pick those up in a shop nearby. I would have to order them online no doubt. Stickers are one of my favorite ways to personalize and decorate pages and journals. Lately I seem to be having a harder time finding ones I like. They're too juvenile or too obviously meant for a specific holiday. But the search is half the fun. :- )

  3. Sue,

    I bought this online as well. Even then I was lucky to find them, because I've the same problem as you. Most of the stickers are for too young kids. :(