Friday, 12 November 2010

Dr. Who Moleskine

My new Plain Moleskine. It's the first one that I decided to decorate, and Dr. Who stickers seemed like the best way to start!

I absolutely love this moleskine, and this will be my 20th Journal, which I will be starting today, having finished my 19th Journal (236 pages), in one day less than 4 months. 

I am hooked on decorating covers now, so looking forward to buying more journals to spruce up.

Anyone know where I can buy Stargate stickers? ;)


  1. > Stargate stickers

    Have you tried ebay or special fan article shops?

  2. Yeah, but I don't think they are among normal product range. Oh well!! Never mind. At least I've got Dr. Who ;)

  3. Fab cover, ah dear David T! I have just finished my first Moleskine Journal and love it! Haven't covered it yet though- a bit worried to!

  4. Kel.light,

    Thanks :-) Yes, I didn't dare cover my first few moleskines either. But now, I think I will probably decorate each one! But still love the classic black cover though.

  5. I might be brave this weekend!

  6. I LOVE to decorate my journal covers!! I have stickers and paint on my moleskine/other covers. I usually use acrylic paint to write the date started and ended and my name and journal number on the spine. Since I have 2 young children stickers are rather easy to come by though I don't understand the physics of how stickers are always drawn to them! LOL


    PS - did anyone notice the special edition Peanuts Moleskins on Amazon? I bought two! I love Peanuts! Charles Schultz is my hero!