Friday, 4 March 2011

New Journal

My New Next Journal

This is my new journal. Journal #21 to be precise. It's a beautiful Jane Austen journal by Potter Style. I am really enjoying writing in it. My Parker Frontier pen works great on it, and the journal is handy size for carrying it around. Looking forward to filling it up. 


  1. Looks nice!!

    Sometimes I'd like a complete change BUT I have always used a Moleskine - the style changes but it's always the M. It's probably a result of my somewhat obsessive nature, and the visual appeal of seeing a row of black books getting gradually longer . . .

    I've even tried other brands but it felt like I was being unfaithful . . . an illicit relationship but without the excitement . . .

  2. Well, this journal looks familiar! :-)))
    *wow* Your 21st book, that's impressive!

  3. Quick question.
    Where do you carry your journal to? And when do you have time to write in it when your out and about?

    I am a stay at home mom so if I plan an artist date...I can take my regular journal to the coffee shop. Other than that I am so busy when I am out and about I don't have time to write at all.

  4. Rowland,

    I love moleskines, but I have used so many different journals before I discovered them that I can't resist branching out. Just one type of journal all the time would be too dull for me :-)

  5. Karin,

    Yes, I am certainly filing up the journals :-)

  6. Girl Schmuck,

    It is my goal for 2011 to carry my journal everywhere - for me that means just carrying it with me to work most of the time. Before now, I used to randomly carry my journal to places like if I went to a library or something. But I didn't carry it with me all the time. Now I do. Most of the time, I don't get time to write in it. At work, I certainly can't. But sometimes, things will happen, and I end up writing things in it on the bus, or at the bus stop, and those few times makes it carrying every day worthwhile. It's more for not missing the opportunity I guess, even if that opportunity only arrives once in a while. Majority of my journaling is still done at home.

  7. Just another note... Borders bookstore is going out of business and has a huge sale on their journals... might want to check it out if your close to one.

  8. That is a very lovely journal!

  9. Oh yes, that *is* an attractive journal! It looks to be about 6 x 8 inches? I think that's my favorite size, although I carry around a 4x6 inch when I'm out and about and I write daily in a regular school notebook... :-}