Thursday, 24 March 2011

Journal Writing Prompt 16 - Internal Vs. External Writing

Today I want you think about what you write in your journal. I say "journals" but I mean a combination of journal and diary - but let me define the difference between a journal and a diary.

A diary is a record of your life. What you did, what you ate, whom you met, where you went - facts and progress of your life, mixed with your observations, that is a diary.

A journal focuses inwards. It is more about your thoughts, exploring your psyche, wandering amongst your dreams and wishes and hopes and fears.

I use the term "journal" because I prefer it. However, my aim is to strike a balance between the two in my own writing. I want to record my life as I live it, but I also want to explore my mind.

In my everyday journals, focus tends to be more internal than external. I am on a quest to address this. In my travel journals, focus tends to be external rather than internal, and that I am trying to balance.

So today, think about what it is that you are keeping?

Are you keeping a journal or a diary?

Is it a conscious choice?

Do you want to address the balance? Do you want to do something different?

Write about it in your journal.


  1. I pretty much keep a mixture of both. I like it that way.

  2. I would say I journal but within that I like to write about events that have happened. This obviously has nothing to do with my terrible memory at all:)