Thursday, 28 October 2010

Share Your Views

Today, I would like you to participate.

Tell me, why do you journal?

Or if you don't but would like to or wish you did - why?

What appeals to you about it?

What is your idea of journaling?


  1. I journal every morning as a way to further acknowledge my subconscious and clear patterns. Has always been the way for me, and recently I am committed to writing every morning as I wake up. It is especially helpful to record dreams and also to understand them better by allowing the freehand to acknowledge what is going on at that precise moment. Writing/journaling for oneself is a very healing process, and helps a lot during the course of a journey. :)
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  2. I have never been able to make Journaling continuous, that is to keep it going. Always there is something to interrupt either for the day or for a more extended period. I have too many fires in the iron. As I get older I am more easily distracted and cannot keep as many balls in the air as I once could . . . .

  3. Ana,

    Thank you for sharing your entry :-) It's an excellent reason for journaling.

    Already entered your giveaway :-)

  4. The Bruce,

    Journaling doesn't have to be long. You could take five minutes every day, and write little bit. Or couple of lines at the end of the day. Whatever works. My point is that it is possible to journal without writing pages and pages. Sometimes I have good days where I write A LOT, but on most days when I am busy with everything else, I only write little bit.

  5. Hi, some good questions there!
    I have been writing in journals since I was a young girl and it is something I have always done. Sometimes it has been with big gaps between entries but I know that happens with many people. I don't know why I journal, I guess it acts as a record of my life, a way to think through things, a way to challenge my thinking.

  6. I started journaling as a way of keeping track of what was going on in my life to make letter-writing easier. With e-mail making communication so much more immediate, I started using my journal more as an outlet for my feelings. I have a separate writing journal which, admittedly, has not seen much action lately and I'd really like to combine the two.

  7. When I was a little boy I was always doodling. Partly because it was fun and partly because I had bad health problems and was sick a lot. My sister and grandma were artists and I loved to see their work. I never managed to produce "works of art" but I enjoyed doodling through the years. Usually I just doodled on scratch paper and then threw it away. Around middle school my sister gave me a beautiful hardbound blank sketch book. I wrote all kinds of things in it. I pasted comics, pictures, cards, drew in it, wrote things that were happening to me at the time. I never really thought of it as "journaling". After awhile the book was filled. I missed writing in it so I started filling the pages of a spiral bound notebook (usually while sitting in class, lol) I skept the journals on my bookshelf and eventually put them in a box. When I moved out of my parents house I almost threw them all away but then I thought that maybe my kids might want to see them someday so I kept them. I am VERY glad I did. I still journal to this day and now my two golden boys journal right along with me! My oldest (11 years old) is avid about it and is always on the lookout for a cool new journal. My youngest (9 yers old) isn't quite as avid but he still writes in his little Field Notes on a pretty regular basis.
    We are a happy journaling family!!
    (Wow, I think I wrote to much!)

  8. *hmm* Deja-Vu ... hadn't had we a similar question just a few months ago?!?!

    Well then, let's think about this one: Foremost I keep a dream diary. I simply love to note down all those weird, fantastic, adventurous pictures, my brain produces while sleeping. Some of them become a wonderful source and inspiration for my stories. Things I've never thought of while being awake - so perfect! :-)

  9. Kel,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. All the reasons you mentioned are amazing reasons to keep a diary. They are mostly my reasons too. :-) Happy Journaling.

    C R,

    Ah the ultimate question of organising journals. I have pondered that question often - about writing journal and regular journal. Even though I have a separate writing journal at the moment, I have decided that once that's finished, I will be using my regular journal as a writing journal too. I feel my regular journal should be a reflection of all aspects of my life, and writing is such an important part of it that to not include it seems wrong.

  10. Laser,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story :-) I think it's amazing that your whole family is involved in journaling. Oh and I am so glad you didn't through your journals away. What a loss that would have been. Happy journaling :-)

    And if you would like to share a few pages from your journals on this blog, I would be happy to do a guest post for you.

  11. Nofretiri,

    Dream diaries are great. I have one too, though admittedly mine doesn't see much entries. But now and again I make an entry. It's probably going to be the longest time I take to fill a journal :P

  12. Dolly,

    Thank you for the kind words on my post. I would love to share a few pages from one of my journals! I have access to a scanner at work but how would I get them to you?

    I hope you have a great day, and happy journaling!

  13. Laser,

    You can email them to me at lostwanderer5 [at] gmail [dot] com

    And feel free to include any commentary or notes about your journaling as you wish.

    Thank you :-)

  14. Dolly,

    I just sent you an email! Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of your wonderful site!