Sunday, 24 October 2010

Graphia Journal

This gorgeous graphia journal has me drooling. It's one of those "special treat" journal that I would love to buy - and just waiting for an excuse. It's bit pricey at £34.95 - and as a regular journal keeper, I can't afford to spend that kind of money on every journal. But I wish I could. It's simply gorgeous.

What are your "special treat" journals? 


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love those kind of journals! I also indulged myself in buying my beloved Diary Leather Sun XXXL. And I know exactly what to use it for ... :-)))

  2. It's wonderful buying special journals :-) I have got two at the moment that I am looking forward to using, but at the same time, feel that I shouldn't just write boring stuff in them. Those two are next, after I finish my current one.

    I will be buying this Graphia one at some point.

  3. That is gorgeous.

    My favorite journals are from Plan Ahead, the jumbo journals. I love their colorful covers and they're inexpensive.

  4. Looks really good. It's amazing how steep it is! I'm sure there are journals as gorgeous as this from handmade stores such as Etsy or simple just art stores. :) If you are looking into buying nationally there is a handmade store of artisans called which offers handmade items only for the people in the UK as all the sellers live in the UK.
    I like all sorts of journals that allure me in on the spot. I have been given more journals than actually buying them, so that is wonderful. I also know how to make journals, so if it need be I can always make them for others, which in the past I have done so. :) If you are interested I can make you one too, now there is an idea for a Christmas present! *ssshhh you didn't just hear that* lol

  5. P.S-If you are after the same feel of this journal then I know someone who creates journals In Italy made of leather:
    They may not be the same, but they are still gorgeous and much cheaper. :) Hope that helps.

  6. Medeia,

    That's great :-) I have a weakness for journals.

  7. Ana,

    Thanks a lot for the links, I will check them out. I am very fussy about journals, so that's why I am always wary of buying recycled or something because paper quality often doesn't feel as good. But of course willing to give it a try :-)

  8. Dear Dolly,
    My pleasure.
    Earlier today found out about another site in the UK to buy journals/crafts etc...
    Has journals of all kinds and they seem reasonable too.
    Hope you find one that at least you are happy with, whatever the case. :)