Sunday, 27 September 2009

Twinchie - Circle of Words

Twinchie for Small World of Inchies & Twinchies Challenge. The theme was "Circles"


  1. Very cool - and creative! Great new blog...I'll look forward to seeing/reading more. :-)

  2. What a cool concept you have here. I used to write in a journal religiously. But now I blog instead. Which is kind of better in some ways, but I haven't been printing it out.

    Good luck to you in your journal adventures!

    -Jewel/Pink Ink from AW

  3. Jamie, Thanks for following :)

    Pink Ink,
    Thank you for visiting. I still keep paper journals, as for me, blogging doesn't replace it at all. I like the feeling of pen on paper, and then being able to look at my hand-written pages.

    But I like to share that on the blog. So best of both worlds :)

  4. I like words in art: very creative piece.
    [I am also a Moleskine aficionado, I can't resist them!]

  5. This is great! And you fit so much in an inch!