Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Masks of Humanity

The theme for this week's challenge at inchybyinch is "mask" so within that context, I created my own theme within a theme, "Masks of Humanity." The first inchy represents different facades of human nature. We wear each of those masks as necessary, some change them more frequently than the others. The second inchy is of humanity's perspective of itself. As a human race, when we look in the mirror, we see what we want to see rather than the actual truth. I didn't plan to make the masks on this theme. But when I started drawing the first one, and wondered about the colours, black and white emerged. And then the theme appeared in my head, with messages behind by masks.


  1. Very powerful mask inchies Dolly - and you are so right - we all hid behind various masks without probably even realising it. Thanks for joining it - I love it how something like this can make people think

  2. Thanks for comment Fiona. Your challenge is great. People make so many wonderful things. I am sticking mostly to simple drawing medium, but eventually might branch out to other crafts.

  3. Dear Lost Wanderer,

    I admire you for getting involved in physical art and letting your inner guidance unveil some core truths.

    When we express from within, we reconnect with the world and that is important in understanding our very essence and who we are behind the mask.

    I am happy that you have touched a greater light in you, and have seen what society as a whole projects outwardly to people through different shifts and movements.

    The human race knows the truth, but sometimes is blinded by construction.

  4. Thanks for comment in my blog!

    Great mask you have made!

    Ciao ciao

  5. Ana, thank you for your beautiful comment.

    Robert, thanks for stopping by.