Saturday, 17 December 2011

5 Reasons Why You Should Comment On Blogs

I remember, when I first started reading blogs I used to read a lot of them, and comment on a few. Then as I got more into blogging community, began to appreciate the work and effort people put into their blogs, I stated leaving more and more comments. But eventually, it came to a stage where I simply didn't have time for reading that many blogs if I wanted to do anything else (like writing), so now, I read far fewer blogs every day. But for all the ones I read, I try to leave a comment as often as possible. 

Here is why: 
  1. It says that you found the content helpful / interesting / amusing enough to take a minute and leave a comment
  2. It encourages discussions amongst others who comment and also between the blog writer and the readers
  3. It shows new visitors to the blog that some people do read the blog and leave a comment, which might encourage them to do the same
  4. Everyone feels good about being appreciated. In blogging world, comments are an easy way of showing this appreciation of the content someone's providing
  5. It's a give and take thing. If you leave a comment on someone else's blog, it encourages the other person to leave one on yours.


  1. I just commented on this post on another of your blogs, and then I realized - wait! There are only 4 reasons.

  2. this is a great list of good reasons. far too often, i enjoy a post without commenting. today, and hopefully beyond, i vow to comment on each one i read. :-)

  3. Missive Maven,

    I know! :P I just realised that my 5th one was still hanging in the draft area. So I've amended them. Thank you for commenting on both blogs :-)

  4. Laurie,

    I'm all too familiar with wanting to read something quickly, and then close the window and move on. In our busy, rushed lives, we all try to take short cuts. But I think it's good to appreciate people.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and comment.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I've had to cut way back on the number of blogs I read regularly (a matter of priorities you know) but I do try to contribute to the ones I do read. Good friendships have developed in some cases. It's totally worth the time it takes to leave a few comments!

  6. Magpie Sue,

    I've made some wonderful friends myself because of blogs and comments discussion. It certainly promotes those relationships.

  7. My apologies for all the times I have read your thoughtful posts and not commented. It wasn't because I didn't appreciate them.

  8. Anonymous,

    No need to apologise at all. I appreciate every comment that's made here, but I also understand that sometimes people just don't have the time, or some people don't feel comfortable leaving comments unless they have something particular to say. This post is more to increase general awareness, as oppose to this specific blog. Thank you for your comment :-)

  9. Happy Holidays to you and hope you are enjoying the writing that comes with the holidaze.

    It is so nice to see that others read you and don't just accidently find you and leave isn't it?

    Thank you for sharing you.


  10. Thanks for this post. I have to admit I'd slacked off on blogging a bit in the past year because the dearth of comments left me discouraged. Now I realize that I follow a number of blogs and rarely comment on them. It goes both ways, I guess.

  11. Amy,

    Happy Holidays to you too :-) You are welcome, and thank you for such a lovely comment.

  12. Catherine,

    Yes, it's easy to get discouraged. I found that one of the most important thing with blogging for me is that while I want it help others or interest others, I keep it for me. So comments are great, but lack of them doesn't stop me from writing. However, there are things like leaving comments on other people's blogs that encourages participation. So I do recommend it.