Monday, 6 December 2010

Journal Writing Prompt 14 - Travel Journal

Since Travelling is on my mind at the moment, let's keep the theme. You don't need to go anywhere special. But you do need to open your mind, and your eyes. Take some time to look at your everyday world with new sight. Find something you haven't noticed before. Take time to think about something that usually blends into your background, as you make automatic journey. 

What is it about your village, town, city that you like? What is your favourite place? When was the last time you saw something new in your local area? How long have you lived here? Would you recommend it as a place to visit or you can't wait to get out? If you want to leave, what's keeping you there? Each question you answer will lead to a lot more question. This entry can be something as simple as looking at your local place through a tourist's eye, or a deep journey into your psyche about why you are staying where you are. Go where your words lead you. Go write.

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  1. re; "Take some time to look at your everyday world with new sight." one of the many benefits of living in a different country to where you were brought up is that everyday things almost by definition are different. It means that for me everyday is part of a travel journal: not because I've visited the Cistine chapel (where I've never been incidentally) or some other historically important site, but just because the way of life is different . . here in rural Italy people shop daily . . it's a social event, the bread has no salt - due to a 500 year old disagreement with the Vatican, there's been a lot of rain so the olive oil crop is part of everyday conversation, etc. etc. but strangely enough when I go back to the UK I see things there in a different light too!