Saturday, 13 March 2010

Journal Writing Prompt 1

Look around the room. Pick an object, any object that instantly appeals to you.
- Did you buy it or someone gave it to you?
- Do you remember what you felt when you first got it?
- How do you feel about it now?
- Is it something you would ever want to part with?
- Does your feelings or lack of them for this object tell you something about your current state of emotions, your life?
- Does it make you feel good in any way?
- Does it give you negative feelings?

It may seem like a trivial thing, but it is through parting the trivial that we reach deeper dimension of our selves. Try it, and see what it tells you.


  1. So I've been following this blog recently because I have this "desire" to start journaling my days and past. But I am afraid to get started (or really don't know how).
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a new "moleskine" in wrapper ready but haven't opened it yet. Seems to come easy to you so I'm looking for some advice please!

  2. Hi Greg,

    Ooh moleskine ready and waiting, so you must start.

    Here is a post I did to start this blog, and at the end of it, you will find several links with prompts and resources

    Also, I suggest you start writing with basic things. Write what you would like to note in the journal, what you might hope to achieve by the time you reach its end, things you might want to work on in your life - whether professionally or for personal improvement.

  3. Thank You!
    I hope you keep this blog going, it is one of my joys to read.
    I don't know if your real name is Dolly, but funny that's such an odd name and is my sisters name. LOL
    Thanks again!!
    Your new friend,

  4. Thanks Greg, very kind of you :-)

    And yes, I certainly plan to keep this blog going with regular updates.

  5. Don't know if you'll see this, but I've pulled out a brand new blank journal for just these journal prompts. Prompt #1, done (done twice, actually, because I did it in mt regular journal also). This prompt was about a dated, tacky, Beethoven bust lamp with a music score on the lamp shade and roses adorning the bust. It is hideous... and I love it!