Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ending Journals

This is my "Everyday Journal" #15, almost near an end. I love ending journals. Because by the time I am at last few pages, I usually have a new journal waiting. This time is a brand new moleskine. I have already talked about my moleskine love in the previous post, so I will spare you that.
Ending journals is practically a ritual, in a sense that I always end my journals reflecting on the journey I have been on during the course of that journal. Between the pages of each journal, a part of my life resides, a part of my very soul even. Not all pages are deep and emotional. Often many are pointless chatter, rants or even just endless list of goals. But each of those pages contain a part of me, and by the time I get to the end, in the last few pages I always pick up things I have learned along the way, or the things I need to focus or reflect on. I don't even need to look back to old entries. My subconscious is automatically picking up on things recorded between those particular dates.
Each ending of a journal is not necessarily closing a chapter in life, but rather opening new doors, finding new directions. And then each new journey takes me forward in some of those new directions.


  1. "I don't even need to look back to old entries."

    I don't ever either. Funny you should post this. I decided to write on journaling this week. But you have put it far too well. Scared me off. I like your "Not all pages are deep and emotional. But each of those pages contain a part of me....


  2. Midlife, thanks. You should still go ahead and post yours, because everyone has something different to say about journaling.

  3. I'm finishing up my journal today and moving on to a new moleskine. I love finishing journals, and the potential in the new ones is spectacular.

    Have you ever made your own journal? I recently learned basic bookbinding and I'm anxious to craft one of my own.

  4. shethinkstoomuch,

    I can't wait to start my next moleskine :)
    No I haven't tried making my own journal. I am far too fussy, and like perfect journals, so I don't think making my own will work for me. At least not unless I can make perfect journals, which will take time to learn, and I am too impatient to wait :P Vicious circle.

    If you make a journal, post a photo or something. I would love to see it.